Southwest Tofu Scramble

I love making tofu scramble on the weekends. The ingredients are always a bit of a surprise, as I’ll just use whatever veggies are left-over from the week. Red pepper (capsicum), mushrooms, spinach, rocket… all have been in there at some point. I also add turmeric, which really brightens the meal and makes it look a little more like scrambled eggs. (Not that you necessarily want to pretend to be eating eggs (ew!), but this way, you don’t feel as though you’re just eating a plate of mashed tofu!) The best reason to add turmeric, however, is for its many healing properties. Other than being the source of color in American mustard and curry dishes, a lot of us in the West don’t consume enough of this important spice. This is a great way to incorporate it into your diet.

Southwest Tofu Scramble - Vegan & Gluten-Free

Today’s version ended-up taking-on a little bit of a Southwest vibe. I mashed-up half a block of firm organic tofu, along with a little salt, pepper, and turmeric. I then sautéed a quarter of a diced red pepper (capsicum) for a couple minutes, and added the tofu mixture to it, cooking on medium-low heat, along with a handful of chopped fresh coriander (cilantro), until cooked through. I served it all on a bed of baby spinach, and topped it off with diced avocado. Served alongside a couple pieces of wholemeal bread, and some fresh citrus, this is a wonderful way to start the day. By the way, I almost always include spinach in this dish, because of its high-iron content. Remember that your absorption of iron is greatly increased when a food containing vitamin C is eaten at the same meal. This is why I’ll always include a few slices of fresh citrus – it beats store-bought orange-juice any day!


I meant to mention my old high school buddy Linda in this post, but got caught-up with editing and totally forgot. Linda and her two gorgeous kids LOVE tofu scramble. This post is for you, bella! X


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