The Weekday Vegetarian

I saw this a few months ago but came across it again the other day and remembered thinking what a great approach Graham has taken towards vegetarianism. While most vegans want the whole world to be vegan, the reality is that a lot of people just won’t convert, for many reasons. You see, veganism scares a lot of people. It’s seen as “extreme” and I think it scares omnivores away from even considering basic vegetarianism. And even basic lacto/ovo vegetarianism scares omnivores because it’s so… final. In addition, a lot of people don’t like rules – and vegetarianism comes off as a set of rules that they must abide by. While some of us accept (and embrace) these “rules”, others may not. These people may work better with a plan that allows for a little bit of flexibility. The reason why I like this plan is that it goes beyond the usual generic goal of “trying to eat a more plant-based diet”, to putting it in action with predetermined days of the week to eat vegetarian. I know that as vegans, we normally take an “all or nothing” stance – but I really this plan is a great start for everyone else. Just as a balanced nutrition plan will always see better long-term results than yo-yo dieting, I think that this concept could result in more long-term “7-day” vegetarians/vegans than going the cold-turkey (tofurkey!) approach. If you’re not already vegetarian or vegan, I hope you’ll consider this approach as a great way to cut-back on your consumption of animals and impact on the environment.


  1. Janet says:

    Hi ! For one year, I ate vegan weekdays, and ate smart on the weekends. In June, I went on a raw food, vegan detox for 4 weeks. I have never felt better! And I have not turned back. I’m cooking now, still eating raw a lot … and I’m loving it! I’ve ditched to old cookbooks, and craving new exciting recipes… your website is a great find for me! And you are so right – I want the whole world to become vegan!!! If they only knew how great they woud feel, spiritually, healthfully, and it is collectively responsible to the planet. I salute you !

    • vegangela says:

      Hi Janet – Thanks so much for your feedback. What a great approach to going vegan and increasing your raw food intake. I have yet to try going 100% raw (even for just a few days), but it’s something I think I’ll try this year at some point. If more people actually thought about what they ate, there would be more vegans, that’s for sure! Keep in touch and thanks again for your comments :)

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