Vegan Tapas Ideas

If you’re like me, you love sharing small plates of food with friends. Everyone gets to sample a wider variety of food that way and it makes the whole dining experience much more informal and therefore more personal. The term Tapas has been traditionally to describe this type of Spanish dinning, but  increasingly, many other varieties of Tapas restaurants have been popping-up in the last decade.

Tapas is also a fun theme for a home dinner party, because it’s much more relaxed… and you can get away with mismatched dishes! So in that spirit, I’ve added a new tag called Tapas, which will be updated periodically with dishes that I think would be great as part of a Tapas-themed dinner.

See my Vegan Tapas Ideas.

Buen provecho!

Vegan Tapas Ideas

Q: What’s your favorite vegan Tapas dish?


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