Things I Learned This Month

Happy Halloween everyone! Can you believe the month is already over? For those of us participating in the Vegan Month of Food, I think the month flew by even faster than normal. I’m really in awe of all the amazing recipes, photos, and information that was shared this year. I’ve added like 100 new blogs to my RSS reader and I can’t wait to keep up with as many people as possible. Goodness knows that I’m going to need until this time next year just to try all the things that I’ve bookmarked!

Speaking of which, I don’t think I’m going to be able to do a second-half roundup as I promised after my first roundup. There are just too many recipes to mention! I’m not even exagerating when I say that I’ve bookmarked close to 200 recipes in the last 2 weeks. Either I wasn’t paying close attention in the first half, or the Vegan MoFo bloggers have really stepped-up their game in the second half of the month. I’m so excited to have such a long and varied “to make” list, but it would be quite tedious to list them all out in this post.  Rather, I’ll blog about them as I make them and instead of focusing on specific recipes in this post, I thought I’d share some of the little tricks and tidbits that I learned about this month.

Vegan Caviar

Apparently, there is vegan caviar made out of seaweed! I first read about this month over at The Stripey Cat but feared that it might only be available in Europe, where I’m guessing that caviar in general is probably more popular than it is in the rest of the world. But then Michelle over at Vegtastic Voyage mentioned that she picked some up at her local IKEA in the States, as did the folks at In the Mood for Noodles here in Australia. For the most part, the reviews sound pretty positive and since I never tried real caviar back in my omnivoire days, I’m really looking forward to trying this! Umm, vegan caviar and Tofutti cream cheese on toast, all washed down with a big glass of Champagne?! Yes please!

TANGKORN - IKEA Vegan Caviar
Magic Loaf Studio

The Magical Loaf Studio

I came across this vegan meatloaf generator after Zoa left me a comment and I clicked through to her site and read about her Carrot and Oatmeal Balls.  She mentioned all the success that she’s been having making vegan meatballs using this website. You basically select the ingredients that you want to use, including the protein, the carbohydrate and the nuts or seeds, and it will generate a recipe for you. I’ve already played with a few combinations and it worked really well. I can’t wait to try a few of the recipes!

Freezing Tomato Paste

I already freeze homemade pesto as well as tablespoon-sized chunks of grated fresh ginger so I always have it when I need it, but this is a freezing tip that was new to me. I hate opening a new tin of tomato paste for just for a tablespoon or two, only to have the rest of it go to waste. I always have the best intentions to do something else with it, but that never seems to happen. I’ve gotten in the habit of just using ketchup if it’s for such a small quantity, but Vegan for the Win shared a great tip about freezing it in 1 tbsp chunks. Genius! There’s also a great tip there on freezing your vegetable scraps until you have enough to make your own homemade veggie broth. Very cool!

Tomato Paste

Homemade Coconut Milk

Cooking Vegan Up North explains how to make coconut milk from shredded coconut. It’s more work than opening up a can of the stuff, but it’s such great tip to have in your pocket the next time you’re out of canned coconut milk.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Vegan MoFo and/or who left me comments and supported me this month. It’s been such a blast and I look forward to doing it all with you again next year! x

Vegan Month of Food 2011


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