Vegan in Queenstown, NZ

Oh my goodness everyone! I’m really loving Vegan MoFo so far, and I can’t believe all the incredible food that has already popped-up. I’m going to have enough recipes bookmarked to last me until next year. Awesome!

And now without further delay, I will (finally) begin to share my great big travel adventure with you!

On January 16th of this year, my partner and I left Sydney, Australia after having lived there for 3 spectacular years. Yes, we would miss the vibrant city and its stunning white-sand beaches. Really though, we knew that it was the amazing group of friends that we had made during our last year that would be missed the most. Needless to say, leaving everyone behind was really difficult. However, we had decided to move back home to Canada and we had each been granted an extended leave-of-absences from work. A 3-month trip through New Zealand and South East Asia awaited us, and made the departure a little more bearable. As our good friend Paul drove us to the airport that morning, a rainbow appeared overhead. It was a pretty special moment.

Sydney Rainbow

Australia Passport Stamp

Our New Zealand adventure began in Queenstown, a gorgeous resort town with stunning lake and mountain views.


On the advice of many friends, our first stop once we landed and dropped-off our bags was to eat at Fergburger.

Fergburger - Holier than Thou

Fergburger - Holier than Thou

I had the Holier than Thou burger, which consists of tempured tofu, with a spicy satay and coconut and coriander (cilantro) sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion and cucumber, and snowpea shoots. Ask them to hold the aioli and it’s vegan. They also have a falafel burger called the Bun Laden, which consists of falafel patties dressed with lemon yoghurt and chipotle chili sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumber and aioli. Again, if you hold the yoghurt and aoili, it’s vegan as well. My burger was pretty good and it was so big that I barely ate anything else for the rest of the day!

Queenstown, NZ

We worked up a bit of a thirst after checking out the awesome luge adventure, so we decided to stop into the Skyline restaurant to check out the view and enjoy a crisp glass of New Zealand sauvignon blanc. Stunning on both counts!

Olives in Queenstown, NZ

Watching the sun set over the lake and mountains was a very memorable experience. Still full from lunch, I just snacked on a few olives for dinner that night. I really miss the olives from Australia and New Zealand. Those little lime green ones are so incredible, and I find that even non-olive lovers like them!

Kiwifruit Chocolate

Unfortunately, this wasn’t vegan, but I just had to snap a picture of it. Chococlate with kiwi fruit pieces. How incredibly Kiwi!

Our next day in Queenstown was spent wine tasting, and from there, we traveled East to Franz Josef Glacier. More on that in my next post!

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