Vegangela Moves Down Under… Again!

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve had a good couple months – I know I have! I’ve been super busy with work and enjoying as much time as possible with family and friends. I’ve also been busy packing up my life in Toronto for my move back to Sydney, Australia!

You read that right. My fiance and I have moved back to Sydney! In case you don’t know the back story, here’s a quick rundown: Back in late 2008, my fiance and I were living happily in Ottawa, Canada. But when he was offered the chance of a lifetime of a posting in Sydney, Australia, we jumped on the opportunity. We quickly put almost everything we owned in storage, sold the house and embarked upon our new lives in Sydney. We had a blast in Australia and made fantastic friends there. In fact, what was supposed to be one year turned into three! Finally, last January, we shipped our stuff back to Canada and went backpacking through Asia for three months. We landed in Toronto in April 2012 and found a great loft right in the heart of downtown (while it was great for parties, our neighbors were probably very happy to see us go!) During the past 17 months in Canada, we’ve made amazing friends and got to spend quality time with our families. However, as much as we enjoyed our time in Toronto, something was missing. We heard ourselves constantly comparing things to Sydney, but we just couldn’t help it. So ultimately, after some serious soul-searching, we decided that Sydney is where we want to be after all.

Sydney Opera House

So, with a quick stopover in Taipei (more on that later), I landed in Sydney late last week – pretty emotional and very jet-lagged. I’m only just now decompressing after the madness of leaving a job of 10 years, selling-off and packing up a household of stuff, and saying those heart-wrenching goodbyes to family and friends. Moving back here is the hardest decision I’ve ever made – but I really think it’s the right one. My heart is still a little fragile, but I know that with time, this will begin to feel like home again. Having great friends here will certainly help that process 🙂

All that to say, my dear readers, is that I have a lot planned for this site for the near future. Although I haven’t been writing a lot lately, I’ve still been taking tons of notes and photos, so there’s lots to pull from. I’ve got some fun recipes to share, as well as some restaurant reviews of my time in Toronto and Asia. In particular, I’ll be sharing my adventures in setting-up yet another vegan kitchen from scratch. We’re currently living in a furnished apartment with a bare-bones kitchen and quite literally, empty cupboards. So if I can pull-off the recipes to come, then truly, anyone can!

Once again, I thank you for your kind comments and emails. I know that I’m months behind in getting back to some of you,  but I want you to know that I appreciate every kind word of encouragement and support that you send my way. This blog is just me, sharing my favorite food with the world. But the fact that it’s made such an impact on so many of your lives is truly what inspires me to keep working at it. You’ve asked for more fresh and tasty recipes that make it easy for you to transition to – or continue – eating a plant-based diet, and that’s exactly what I plan on sharing in the months ahead.

So on that note… let’s get cooking, mates!


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