Vegans: Eat at Four Friends – Coffee, Chocolate & Tea!

Four Friends – Coffee, Chocolate & Tea, is a chocolate shop and café, located in the Crows Nest suburb of Sydney, Australia. Just before Easter this year, they began offering handcrafted vegan chocolates made with all natural and organic ingredients, such as 70% organic dark chocolate sourced from Belgium, raw cacao, coconut oil and chia seeds. They recently sent me 4 of their lovely vegan chocolates to sample and review – tough work, I know!

Four Friends – Coffee, Chocolate & Tea

The first thing I noticed about the chocolates is how beautiful they are. They’re printed with lovely patterns, and their longish shapes make them perfect for sharing (not that you’d want to):

Four Friends – Coffee, Chocolate & Tea - Vegan Chocolate

I tried Cacao & Banana first:

Four Friends – Coffee, Chocolate & Tea: Vegan Chocolates

Soft and slightly chewy, this sweet piece of chocolate has just the faintest taste of banana. I definitely recommend it to all the banana-lovers out there!

I sampled Almond next:

Four Friends – Coffee, Chocolate & Tea: Vegan Chocolates

I love the combination of almonds and chocolate and this certainly did not disappoint. Lightly toasted almond pieces enveloped in rich chocolate. Simple perfection!

Sunflower & Chia Seed came afterwards:

Four Friends – Coffee, Chocolate & Tea: Vegan Chocolates

The seeds give this a nice crispy texture, not unlike the puffed rice chocolate bars I enjoyed as a kid. The sunflower seed flavour is quite pronounced, but I like the “healthy” taste of this particular flavour. I can see it being a great mid-day energy-booster treat!

Finally, I tried Mixed Nuts & Berries:

Four Friends – Coffee, Chocolate & Tea: Vegan Chocolates

The most colorful of all the chocolates, I believe this combination contains almonds and cranberries. I’ve never really liked fruit in my chocolate, however this was quite nice, especially as a contrast to the other flavours.

Final thoughts

I highly recommend these vegan chocolates. Whether you enjoy them at the café itself, or buy them as a gift for a friend, they’re as delicious as they are beautiful. Four Friends also offer a Vanilla & Cacao Nibs flavoured vegan chocolate, but I did not receive a sample of that one. Just another reason to make sure I stop in for a visit next time I’m in the area!

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NOTE ABOUT THIS REVIEW – These samples were sent to me free-of-charge by the lovely people at Four Friends. I was not paid for the review, and all opinions are my own.


  1. It’s such a great little spot and their chocolates are lovely. I’m yet to try the vegan range – thanks for the reminder!

    • Hi Tara! Glad you found the review useful. Hope you’ve been well :)

  2. These look fantastic Angela! Bet it was hard work having to review them ;) Tsk tsk!

    It’s great that they’re making more and more vegan chocolates! I soo wanna get my paws on those cocoa banana and almond ones, yum! I remember making a vegan black forest chocolate not long ago, worked a treat! x

    • Hi Jules :) Vegan black forest chocolate. Wow. Sounds amazing!

  3. [ Smiles ] They are not only tasty; they are a beautiful work of art!

  4. YUM! The world needs more vegan chocolate. I don’t know why anyone accept chocolate ruined by animal products. :)

  5. Cailee says:

    Oh my gosh!! These look amazing!! What great treats!! I LOVE chocolate!! I’m obsessed! …and now that I’m dairy free, I always opt for vegan chocolate! Delicious! :)

  6. Drea says:

    Cacao and banana sounds delectable! Will definitely have to check this place out next time I’me visiting family in Sydney.

    Would really appreciate it if you popped on over to check out my new vegan lifestyle blog

    Drea xxx

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