My Favorite Vegan Beauty Products

While my first passion is food, I also love good-quality vegan beauty products. This is a running list that I will continue to update as I discover new HG (“Holy Grail”) products. For more info, check out my: Vegan Beauty Product Reviews Pinterest Board – “Vegan Beauty Products – Reviews” Pinterest Board – “Vegan Beauty Products To Try” (my wishlist)


Pacifica – Solid Perfumes

Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Solid Perfume Pacifica Indian Coconut Nectar Solid Perfume Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange Solid Perfume

From candles and diffusers, to sprays and lotions, I love everything from Pacifica. They’re a 100% vegan line of home and beauty products that smell absolutely incredible. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be their solid perfume tins. They’re affordable, lightweight and air-travel friendly. I always have one or two of them in my handbag, and I love giving them to my girlfriends. My favorite scents right now are Hawaiian Ruby Guava, Indian Coconut Nectar and Tuscan Blood Orange.

Where to buy: Amazon, Pacifica

Alba Botanica – Kukui Nut Body Cream

Alba Botanica - Kukui Nut Body Cream

I’ve been giving Alba Botanica Kukui Nut Body Cream to friends for years and now so many people I know are hooked on this awesome vegan body cream! It’s rich and creamy and smells kind of like chocolate. I use it year-long, but it’s especially essential if I’m going somewhere tropical and my skin needs some after-sun pampering!

Where to buy: Walmart, Loblaws, Shoppers Drug Mart, Amazon, Alba Botanica


Dry Shampoo

Klorane Dry Shampoo Batiste Dry Shampoo

I like to use dry shampoos between washes to give my hair volume at the roots. My favorite brands are both vegan: Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo and Batiste Dry Shampoo. The Klorane is slightly better but much more expensive, so I buy Batiste unless the Klorane is on sale.

Where to buy: Many drug stores in Canada/Australia/USA, Amazon


Lush Cosmetics – Fresh Farmacy Soothing Calamine Cleanser Bar

Lush Cosmetics - Fresh Farmacy Soothing Calamine Cleanser Bar
I’ve been using Lush’s Fresh Farmacy Soothing Calamine Cleanser Bar ever since my university days. The formula is so creamy and calming, perfect for when my skin is breaking out or just feeling overly sensitive.

Where to buy: Amazon, Lush Cosmetics

Yes To – Facial Towelettes

Yes To - Facial Towelettes

I’ve been using these Yes To Cucumber Hypoallergenic Facial Towelettes for about a month year now and I’m very happy with how they remove makeup and clean my skin. I leave a pack by my bed, so if I’m too lazy to wash off my makeup in the bathroom, I can quickly swipe it off in bed. I’ve read that the Blueberry ones are even better, so I plan on trying those soon.

Where to buy: Many drug stores in Canada, Australia, and the US, Amazon, Yes To

Yes To – Facial Moisturizers

Yes to Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 Yes To Cucumbers Calming Night Cream

I use the Yes To Carrots Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 everyday and when I’m not lazy and don’t forget to wash my face (oops!), the Yes To Cucumbers Calming Night Cream at night. I like that the formulas are lightweight and Petroleum, SLS, & Paraben-Free, that they’re packaged in a pump rather than a jar, and that they’re inexpensive and widely available. While some of the Yes To range contains honey or beeswax, these products are 100% vegan and receive good reviews from beauty product reviewer Paula Begoun.

Where to buy: Many drug stores in Canada, Australia, and the US, Amazon, Yes To

Derma e – Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel

Derma e - Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel (Vegan)
Eating right, drinking lots of water, working out, and using a good SPF can go a long way in making you feel and look younger than you actually are. But sometimes you need a little help, and that’s where AHAs come in. The Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel With Alpha Hydroxy Acids from derma e gets a great review from beauty product reviewer Paula Begoun. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I’ve been very pleased with the way my skin looks and feels in the morning. Derma e is a family-owned 100% vegan skincare line that doesn’t contain harmful parabens, phthalates,sodium lauryl sulfate, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors or GMOs.

Where to buy: Most good health food stores, Amazon, derma e

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

I’ve replaced margarine with coconut oil in most of my baking, and I’ve also been using it in my beauty regime for some time now. My favorite uses for it are as a deep conditioner for my hair (put it on, wrap a warm towel around your head for 20 minutes, wash it out), and as a gentle eye makeup remover (it does wonders on waterproof makeup). Try to buy cold-pressed extra virgin organic coconut oil if you can. For more info and tips on using coconut oil, read my “What is Coconut Oil?” post.

Where to buy: Health food stores, some grocery stores, Amazon


Too Faced – Kabuki Brush

Too Faced Cosmetics - Kabuki Brush

This is my #1 favorite beauty tool. Too Faced sweetly claim that their cruelty-free Kabuki Brush is made with “100% teddy bear hair”. Love it! While this brush may seem on the pricey side, it’s a good quality tool that will last you for years. I use mine with my bronzer everyday and hand wash it every other week. I even bought it for my mom a few years ago and she still talks about how great it is. I can’t say enough good things about this brush!

Where to buy: Amazon, Sephora, Too Faced

Too Faced – Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer

Too Faced - Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer

This is another product that I’ve been using for years. There are certainly cheaper alternatives on the market, but I keep going back to the Sun Bunny Natural Bronzer from Too Faced because of how natural looks. It gives me a sun-kissed glow any time of the year, the packaging looks great, there’s a mirror inside the compact’s lid, and one of these babies lasts me about a year and a half. Love!

Where to buy: Amazon, Sephora, Too Faced

100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Stain

100% Pure – Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Stain

I’ve just recently discovered Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Stain from 100% Pure (July 2014) and I just love it. It has a similar effect to Benefit’s (non-vegan) cheek stain, but it’s coloured from fruit and vegetable pigments and like most products in the 100% Pure range, it’s vegan and gluten free. I love the rosy pink tint it gives my cheeks, which lasts for hours (if not all day). And it stains your lips with a beautiful colour, as though you’ve just eaten a cherry-flavoured popsicle. See my Instagram snap to see what I mean.

Where to buy: Amazon, 100% Pure, Australia: Nourished Life

Natio – Cleverstick

Natio Cleverstick

I’ve been using Natio Cleverstick SPF 15 in “Natural” as my concealer for years now, but it’s actually an all-in-one foundation, concealer and powder. Natio is an Australian company that makes affordable makeup and beauty products. They don’t test on animals, and while a few of their products aren’t vegan (because they beeswax, carmine, honey or lanolin), all ingredients are clearly listed on each product page of their website, so it’s very easy to tell what’s vegan or not.

Where to buy: Most drugstores in Australia, Natio

Wet n Wild – Mega Last Lip Color

Wet n Wild - Mega Last Lip Color

Super affordable and providing great coverage, Wet n Wild’s Mega Last Lip Color is my go-to vegan lipstick. I particularly love the shade #902C (Bare It All) – it’s the perfect nude matte lipstick, and you can top it off with a bit of gloss if you want a shiny look. (Note: not all Wet n Wild products are vegan, as some do contain carmine. Here’s a complete list of Wet n Wild’s vegan products.)

Where to buy: Walmart and most good drugstores in the USA & Canada, Amazon

Ofra – Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick

I got a tube of Ofra – Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in the “Plumas” shade in the January 2014 Vegan Cuts Beauty Box. I absolutely LOVE the way this feels and smells (like chocolate/vanilla). It’s very long lasting and feels great! I only wish I could get it in Australia :(

Where to buy: Ofra Cosmetics

Urban Decay – Lush Lash Mascara

I really love the vegan Lush Lash Mascara from Urban Decay. It’s got a great brush and the mascara itself is very wet so you can layer it without it looking brittle or clumpy. Update: March 3, 2014 – Urban Decay is now owned by L’Oreal, a company that performs cruel and unnecessary animal testing. Urban Decay is therefore no longer considered a cruelty-free (and therefore vegan) company. Since finding out this news, have not repurchased this mascara. Instead, I now use:

Wet n Wild – MegaVolume Mascara

Wet n Wild MegaVolume Mascara

I wouldn’t say that Wet n Wild – MegaVolume Mascara really creates “mega” volume, but it’s a great every day mascara that has great staying power and doesn’t flake. (Note: All Wet n Wild mascaras are vegan except their C148 Mega Impact Mascara and waterproof formulas. Here’s a complete list of Wet n Wild’s vegan products.)

Where to buy: Walmart and most good drugstores in the USA & Canada, Amazon


Butter London – Nail Lacquer

Butter London - Nail Lacquer

I absolutely love Butter London’s Nail Lacquer in “Come to Bed Red”. It’s the perfect bright red and looks so perfectly polished on short nails. It goes on so smooth and dries in a flash. It also has really good staying power when topped with a top coat. I really need to try more shades as this one is so impressive.

Where to buy: Amazon, Butter London

Q: Do you have a favorite vegan beauty product? Please share it in the comments area below!


  1. Holly says:

    Hello Angela,

    I just wanted to add that I love two vegan products, the first is Mad Hippie ( They make some great things especially their exfoliating serum. The second is Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare ( who has some truly wonderful products that are vegan too.

    Love your site and keep up the wonderful work you are doing. I’ve been busy trying your recipes all week and they have been delicious.

    Thank you,
    Holly B.

    • Hi Holly! Thanks so much for the kind words – I’m so glad that you’re digging my collection of recipes! Thanks so much for sharing these beauty products with me. I’m always on the lookout for high-quality vegan products that work!

    • Holly says:

      Sorry…. my mistake. Web site for Mad Hippie should be

  2. sid says:

    I would like to add a vegan haircare product that I use :) All their stuff is gold – absolutely Amazing!

    • Thanks so much! I will seek them out :)

  3. Klaire says:

    Hi Ange, discovered your site a couple of weeks ago and have already made a few recipes, have loved all of them!
    Re beauty products: I use Thursday Plantation and Sukin for skincare and I LOVE Everyday Minerals for makeup – I swapped from Natio to this and have been so impressed. All vegan.
    Please keep up this site, it is now saved in my faves!

    • So glad you’re digging my recipes! Thanks for those beauty product recommendations. I’ve used Thursday Plantation tea tree oil but nothing else of theirs. And I’ve head of Sukin but never tried it. Added to my list. Thanks for writing!

  4. Niki. S says:

    Hi Angela,

    I like the “Sukin” range. 100% vegan, 100% Australian, no parabens, SLS and more…
    I use their shampoo, conditioner, face and body moisturisers, facial scrub and body deodorant.
    They all smell so beautiful too.

    Happy Days :)

    • Thanks for the recommendation. I’ll check them out for sure!

  5. This is a great list! I have lots of new products to try now. In the bargain department, I like Jordana eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow pencils. I have E.L.F eye shadows too and like them. I recently splurged on Stila tinted moisturizer with SPF and lipstick. Very nice indeed!

  6. Veronica says:

    So happy to see Batiste Dry Shampoo on this list – I’ve been looking for a good (vegan) non-powdered dry shampoo for ages. Thanks for sharing!

    • You’re so welcome. I’ll be adding some new products in a month or so… stay tuned :)

  7. Christina says:

    Hi Angela,

    I’ve just discovered GOSH’s CC cream. It’s vegan, has a shade that doesn’t turn my extremely fair skin orange and has amazing coverage.


  8. Janie Osborne says:

    Butter London was a great product. It’s the second time I purchase it, highly recommended.

  9. Erin says:

    Umm guys…to hue best of my knowledge Manic Panic is all vegan and cruelty free. Their dye is not the best but they have great cosmetic products other then dye. Thanks!

    • I hear great things about their lipsticks too… thanks for sharing :)

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